Intro: Welcome! I'm at present moment a 25 year old Master student of nanoscience & Business Analyst. I have rigorously pursued my interest for business without compromising with my education within natural science, creating a rare ambidextrous professional profile.
Since I will finish my studies by November '17, I have weighed my options and opted for a career in management consulting. At the moment, I am trying to familiarize myself with the different firms, in order to ensure a good fit. I prioritize a great social culture, a global network and the opportunity to work with the top management of world wide Fortune 1000 companies.
Do take a look at my linked-in profile as well. I can be reached by mail at

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience:

  • Business Analyst
  • Deloitte Consulting
    Working on IT strategic projects for large corporate clients
    Oct 2016 - Present

  • Industrial Master Thesis Student
  • Novo Nordisk
    Improving methods for purification of biopharmaceuticals
    Sep 2016 - Nov 2017

  • Analysis Consultant
  • Userneeds
    Market Research, Consumer Surveys
    Aug 2016 - Oct 2016

  • Analytical Chemist (Paid Internship)
  • Novo Nordisk
    CMC Analytical Support Department
    Feb 2016 - Aug 2016

  • Laboratory Assistant
  • University of Copenhagen
    Bionano Group
    Feb 2014 - Jun 2016

  • Waiter/Head Waiter
  • Green Sushi
    Jun 2012 - July 2016

  • Street Marketer / Sales Assistant / Bell Boy
  • / Føtex / Hotel Marriott Copenhagen
    2008 - 2011

Formal Education:

  • Master in Nanoscience
  • University of Copenhagen
    2015 - Present, current GPA:11.3/12

  • BSc in Nanoscience
  • University of Copenhagen
    2012 - 2015 , GPA: 10.3/12

  • Chemical Engineering (non-degree)
  • Sierra College, Rocklin CA
    2011 - 2012

  • Student (UCPH/Sierra College)
  • • Top 5 % GPA at UCPH BSc. '15
    • Dean's Honor List (GPA 4.0) for fall semester '11 at Sierra College.



Social Media Presence:

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I am an active member of the following organisations
  • CPH Management Consulting Club
  • Bridging the gap between academia and the management consulting industry. Review process of membership applications based on:

    • GPA
    • CV
    • Motivational letter
    • Intelligence/logic test
    • Personality test
    • Personal interview

  • Nova100
  • Student network for ambitious, talented students with a humble image. Review process of membership applications based on:

    • GPA
    • CV
    • Motivational letter
    • Personal interview

  • Nanode - Member of the Board
  • Alumni organisation for the Nanoscience studyline of UCPH.

  • Moment High Performer Network
  • Network for student and professionals with a history of high performance. Review process of membership applications based on:

    • GPA
    • CV
    • Intelligence/logic test
    • Personality test

  • CPH Financelab
  • Events within finance for students in CPH.

  • APIS
  • Network for student workers, interns & master thesis students of Novo Nordisk.

Personal Profile


Through many years at the highest national level in an individual sport, I have developed a very competitive personality, and with it, a healthy attitude towards adversity. This means that I could not dream of trying to sleep during a 30 h case competition, and I put a, sometimes obscene, amount of effort into anything, on which I will receive feedback.

I get a lot of energy from being around people, and I particularly like expanding my network and meeting new people. To me, diversity in the people surrounding me, is important, so I enjoy meeting people with different background than me. Therefore, I have volunteered a lot of my time as an international student mentor at UCPH and I have founded a club at UCPH science, where we work out together, the "Nanoscience Gym Club". Futhermore I enjoy playing ping pong on a hobby level in the Danish eastern division with some good guys I have known since childhood.

My adventurous side is visible through my larger life decisions. I chose to use a lot of my own hard earned money to get to the US to study after finishing my upper secondary school in Denmark. This was definitely the more difficult option, but I would not be without this adventure. The same can be said for my decision of going into management consulting rather than continuing down my, might I say, rather promising, path within Natural Science.